FORSTHOFF-D automatic hot-air welding machine

Automatic hot-air welding machine

The new FORSTHOFF-D automatic welding machine provides the proven and robust FORSTHOFF technology for the welding of heavy thermoplastic canvases and foils.

It was possible to transfer the successful and proven design of the FORSTHOFF-P2 to the FORSTHOFF-D model. Therefore, FORSTHOFF now also offers a versatile and efficient automatic welding machine with state-of-the-art technology in the heavy canvas area.

The FORSTHOFF-D model produces overlap seams with a selectable width of 40 mm or 45 mm. The heating power of 4000 W, 230 V can be adjusted continuously from 20 – 700 °C and it can therefore be adapted individually to the different materials. The strong hot air fan with the FORSTHOFF Tube design produces a gigantic air power of 600 l/min and therefore supports the state-of-the-art gear motor powerfully in combination with the proven nozzle generation of the FORSTHOFF-D automatic welding machine. A service performance of up to 16 m/min can be achieved thanks to the continuous speed adjustment.

In combination with the hold-down device for crease-free welding, the canvas and roof canvas installer obtains an optimal welding result. The device starts automatically after the welding head pivots.

In addition, the three-point placement provides a safe contact pressure for the canvas. It is supported by the weight of the FORSTHOFF-D automatic welding machine, which is integrated in the housing of the automatic welding machine and which can be removed if required.


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    Categories: Automatic welding machines

    Voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Heat output 4000 W 230 V
    Temperature 20-700°C, infinitely variable
    Weight 29.5 kg with 7 m connection cable, incl. weight and handle grip
    Dimensions Length 520 mm, width 385 mm, height 320 mm (without guide handle)
    • Car upholsterer
    • Tarpaulin manufacturers
    • Tent manufacturers
    • Canvas covers
    • Manufacturers of advertising tarpaulins
    • Roofing industry
    • Swimming pool construction
    • Pond liner processing firms
    • Leisure and outdoor outfitters
    • Sealing
    • Building trade