LIYU Platinum PZ

Platinum PZ – high productivity for your business

PVC Canvas Vinyl, Backlit Film, Photo Paper, Bilboard Paper, Flex, Textile, Mesh, and OWV etc. all of your printing needs, with great indoor quality and outdoor durability with a printing speed up to 120 m2 per hour and perfect quality. high productivity for your business.

Color Scale: CMYK
Drop Volume: 14 pl
Drying System: Infrared – Heater – Fan
Ink Types: Ecosolvent
Machine Size: 900 mm x 4600 mm x 1350 mm
Machine Weight: 650 kg.
Power Requirements: 230v (+/-) 10% / 22A / 50HZ
Print Heads: KM 1024
Print Resolution: 2880 DPI
Print Speed: Up to 40 m2 / h
Print Width: 3200 mm
Printhead Quantity: 4
RIP Software: PhotoPrint

Printing Media: Advertising Media, Banner, Billboards Media, Canvas, One Way Vision, Vinyl

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