Roland TrueVIS SG2 640 / 540 / 300

All the color, performance and reliability you need to build a successful graphics business.

New generation TrueVIS SG2 series large format printer/cutters provide the superior color and cutting features you expect to find in a top-of-the-line machine, but without the higher price tag.

  • Featuring new TR2 ink for a wider color gamut with brilliantly vivid print output at a very low ink cost per sq/ft
  • Offering smart new print/cut features that include automated pinch rollers
  • 3M™ MCS™ Warranty and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Warranty Program certified for added print confidence

Printing method: Piezo ink-jet method
Media Width: SG2-640 (315 to 1,625 mm); SG2-540 (275 to 1,371 mm); SG2-300 (182 to 762 mm)
Thickness: Max. 1.0 mm with liner, for printing
Max. 0.4 mm with liner and 0.22 mm without liner, for cutting
Roll outer diameter: Max. 210 mm
Roll weight: SG2-640 Max. 40 kg / SG2-540 Max. 30 kg / SG2-300 Max. 25 kg
Core diameter: 76.2 mm or 50.8 mm
Printing/cutting width: SG2-640 / 1,600 mm; SG2-540 / 1,346 mm; SG2-300 / 736 mm
Ink Type: TrueVIS INK 500 ml pouch
Colors: Four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)
Printing resolution (dots per inch): Max. 1,200 dpi
Cutting speed: 0.4 to 11.8 in/s (10 to 300 mm/s)
Blade force: 30 to 500 gf
Blade Type: Roland CAMM-1 series blade
Offset: 0.000 to 1.500 mm
Software resolution (when cutting): 0.025 mm/step
Distance accuracy (when printing): Error of less than ±0.3% of distance traveled or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
Distance accuracy (when cutting): Error of less than ±0.4% of distance traveled or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
When distance correction has been performed (when the setting for [CUTTING MENU] – [CALIBRATION] has been made): Error of less than ±0.2% of distance traveled or ±3.9 mil (±0.1 mm), whichever is greater
Repeatability (when cutting): ±0.1 mm or less
Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting: ±0.5 mm or less
Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting when reloading media: Error of less than ±0.5% of distance traveled, or ±0.2 in. (±3 mm), whichever is greater
Media heating system Print heater set temperature: 30 to 45°C
Dryer set temperature: 30 to 50°C
Connectivity: Ethernet (100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T, automatic switching)
Power-saving function: Automatic sleep feature
Power requirements: AC 220 to 240 V ±10%, 4.1 A, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption During operation Approx. 1,090 W Approx. 710 W
Sleep mode: Approx. 40 W
Acoustic noise level During operation: 63 dB (A) or less
During standby: 53 dB (A) or less
Dimensions (with stand):
SG2-640 (2,945 (W) × 730 (D) × 1,310 (H) mm)
SG2-540 (2,685 (W) × 730 (D) × 1,310 (H) mm)
SG2-300 (2,070 (W) × 730 (D) × 1,310 (H) mm)
Weight (with stand):  (197 kg)  (180 kg)  (147 kg)
Environment During operation Temperature: 68 to 90°F (20 to 32°C),
Humidity: 35 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Not operating Temperature: 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C),
Humidity: 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Included items: Dedicated stands, power cord, media clamps, media holders, replacement blade for separating knife, manuals, etc.

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